Sorry for ranting

My best friend got mad at me and said I’m a shitty friend because I promised him he could take a nap after breakfast and I forgot I said that and made him go out to the beach instead. He refuses to talk to me and says our friendship is over and that he never wants to see me again. That was a month ago and no matter what I tried I can’t get him to even acknowledge me. Last time he said he got mad it cleared up in a month but this time he seemed so serious. We are both going away to college next month and I don’t want to leave him on a bad note. What do I do?? I know he sounds like a bad friend if he’d leave me because I forgot my promise but I really depended on him as the one person I could be completely honest with. Sorry for the long rant




When a hot guy posts a selfie on instagram

who is this hero?